What is Free Mt. Hood? 

Free Mt. Hood is a campaign to protect the forest's natural, ecological resilience to the changing climate and to make Mt. Hood National Forest a 21st century model of public forest management. In this era of climatic change the vast, largely intact ecosystems on public lands are strongholds for clean water, wildlife habitat, and our cultural and economic future. Management priorities need to be refocused and centered around climate resilience; protecting drinking water sources, enhancing wildlife habitat connectivity and climate refugia and safeguarding cultural values and carbon sequestration potential.


The Mt. Hood Forest Management Plan was finalized in 1990, in an era that envisioned sustained, commercial timber production as the highest value of the National Forest. Following this plan to this day, the Forest Service continues to develop actions aimed at converting mature, natural forest into managed timber plantations. 


Updates to this management plan are long overdue. With your support, a new vision for the forests and waters of Mt. Hood can emerge; a vision based on the inherent value of intact ecosystems and the values and needs of surrounding human and non-human communities facing climate change.

Bark is working to bring the cultural and ecological values of today to the forefront and to push the Forest Service to update the management plan. Read on to get involved!

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