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What is Free Mt. Hood? 

Free Mt. Hood is a campaign to establish Mt. Hood National Forest as a model for managing public forests to protect clean water, wildlife habitat, and cultural values. The Mt. Hood Forest Management Plan and the Forest Service tasked with delivering on this Plan currently view the forest as a timber factory seeking to convert mature, natural forest into managed timber plantations. Updates to this management plan are long overdue. With your support, a new vision for the forests and waters of Mt. Hood can emerge; a vision based on the inherent value of intact ecosystems and the values and needs of surrounding communities.


Massive logging proposals like the Crystal Clear Timber Sale demonstrate the priorities of the current Forest Management Plan. Industrial, commercial-grade logging projects and roadbuilding weaken the ecosystem and the forest's ability to adapt to the changing climate. The Forest Service can continue these destructive activities so long as the Forest Management Plan remains as it was originally written in 1990.

The Free Mt. Hood Campaign is the gateway for community action to change the priorities and protect this incredible ecosystem before it's lost forever.