It is time to Free Mt. Hood

The Mt. Hood National Forest is one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest treasures. It’s known for its scenic beauty, bountiful wildlife, and sparkling lakes and rivers, and it’s beloved by locals and visitors alike.


And it needs your help.


The Mt. Hood National Forest is managed by the US Forest Service. Unfortunately, the Forest Service’s own rules for running the forest—the Mt. Hood Forest Management Plan—were written in 1990. Thirty years of science has taught us a lot about how forests work and how important they are to protecting our drinking water, providing homes to wild animals, and fighting climate change. But the Mt. Hood Forest Management Plan doesn’t reflect any of that new knowledge.


In fact, the current Forest Management Plan emphasizes converting natural forest into manageable timber.


It’s time for a better plan.


Free Mt. Hood is a campaign to make Mt. Hood National Forest a 21st century model of public forest management. Our climate is changing, and we need to make sure that management is climate smart. Management priorities have to reflect our region’s commitment to preserving drinking water sources, protecting native species, restoring wildlife habitat—and safeguarding our cultural and economic future. 


Join Bark in pushing the Forest Service to update the Mt. Hood Forest Management Plan. Because it’s time to FREE MT. HOOD